The Wanaka Rowing Club was formed in 2007 as a result of the enthusiasm of a small number of of Wanaka parents, interested rowers, coaches and enthusiasts. The club started with just 7 keen rowers. Now, some of these original rowers have moved on and we have a new, larger group of fresh faces with us. These years of growth and change have been eventful as we gradually acquired boats, oars and asssociated equipment. We have managed to purchase many new boats (including a new coach boat in 2013 due to the generosity of the Olive and Graham West Trust) to add to and take the place of our long-serving second hand boats we started with. Over the years, we have gone from a handful of enthusiasts to being a club with a well-established position as a competitive sport in Wanaka.

A number of people have been critical to the first few years of the club. Some have been with us from day one, some have moved on to other things and others have come in later to carry on the good work. All have contributed mightily and we welcome anybody interested in the sport who may wish to row or help out to .

Give one of us a call and make yourself known.

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