Wanaka Water Sports Facility

The Wanaka Watersports Facility is now open.

The Wanaka Watersports Facility (WWF) is a community project, with charitable status, to provide a lake shore base for watersports. The facility will enable the foundation clubs (and others) to encourage local and visitor participation, young and old, to utilise Wanaka’s unique recreational asset, the lake.

The initial Watersports groups involved in this project are the Wanaka Rowing Club, Wanaka Lake Swimmers and Triwanaka. The project is supported by the local Council and will be accessible by the disabled community as we have adopted a “no-exceptions” policy for recreational access to the lake.

The facility provides storage for rowing sculls and kayaks, a changing and shower area for swimmers and other users, and an erg room for members of the Watersports clubs plus two public toilets and two public outdoor showers.

Wanaka Water Sports Facility



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